Invented Nostalgia

by SK9: Strick-9

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Invented Nostalgia is a collection of old, new, demo, and mixtape songs created between 2004-2010.


released May 17, 2011

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The 5th Column Project/SK9:Strick-9 Greenville, Mississippi

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Track Name: Analyzing Myself
"A child with a philandering pops, what he did to my mom hurt my heart, but still I turned into a player myself. To keep it real, I'm not hating myself, but if I lived outside my body what the fuck would I say to myself?" ~ SK9
Track Name: Speech Species feat. Size (of Southern Asylum)
Size is a top class spitter. I just tried to keep up.
Track Name: Clarksville Nigga Anthem feat. XXXL & The Phantom
"...I got no love for the novices-I'm the boss in this. Don't cross me Cristal bottles pop off when I floss. Who put the $50 in your bitch drawls? Can't get with me-get lost. I'm a show you how to spit these bars." ~ SK9:Strick-9.
Track Name: Panties Drop feat. Big Hooch (demo version)
"Call up your girlfriend, Imma roll a blunt for ya'll. You can suck my dick the same time she licks on my balls. I'm splashing waterfalls from the window to the walls, superman dat hoe before she go I make her do it all." ~ SK9.
Track Name: Christ Conspiracies feat. JJR & Size (of Southern Asylum)
"They gave worship to the black Madonna and Christ, that represents the sunset and the blackest nights. And when the sun rose again they'd say 'He is risen.' It gets deeper than beliefs of the weakest christian." ~ SK9
Track Name: Holla @ Yaboi
"I'm having visions of the Virgin Madonna inside a burgandy Honda, it ain't the work of the Ganja-it's a love spell. I feel you in my blood cells-deep as leukemia. I'm fiending to hold your physical body close and lean on ya." ~ SK9:Strick-9.
Track Name: 1991 by The 5th Column Project (JJR & SK9)
"Strick-9 spitting on a 91' track, taking niggas back to when rappers wasn't wack. When true MC's blew like the breeze on autumn leaves, left the crowd pleased, plus they got the cheese." ~ SK9:Strick-9.
Track Name: Corporate Sponsor by The 5th Column Project (JJR & SK9)
"Like a good neighbor-State Farm is there, and like a good hater-think that I care? I'm out for justice-things is not fair. CEO's just think about shares." ~ SK9:Strick-9.